Royal Ascot & Millinery Masterpieces

POSTED 25 July 2015

2015 Royal Ascot extravaganza

The Royal Ascot season is officially over for another year, this is sad but we had a great time creating some fabulous hats for it!

Oh but hang on a min, the Hat season is definitely not over with weddings, garden parties and racing still in full swing.

I hope you got the chance to go to Royal Ascot this year but if you didn’t don't worry,we have some great photos of Millinery Masterpieces below.

Anna Mott at Ascot on Ladies Day looking fantastic,

Image from the Telegraph on google.

Anyone like flowers?

The exciting news this year is that Ashley Morton Hunte, who looks after the Royal Family for Ascot, modeled our designs throughout the week and we wish to thank her, it was great to style her for this event and we hope for many more.

Ashley and Her Majesty the Queen!!!

Ashley being papped!!

Ashley making sure everything is alright for the Royal Family!

Oh dear a bit rainy on this day but still looking amazing in our hat if I do say so myself.

Katherine Elizabeth at Ascot enjoying the day!

It was a beautiful sunny day so we were very lucky, last year we had to hold onto our hats, hat pins at the ready!!!!

A little tip if you are thinking of going next year, always wear a dress or skirt to the knee, have at least an inch on your shoulder strap or cover your shoulders, wear a hat that is eleven cm wide or bigger, the bigger the better, don’t be to cautious on this day, it’s all about relaxing, having fun and showing off the best hat.

I like to wear hats that sit on my parting side so that I can style up the other without my hair looking to flat and always wear the hat at an angle so it is an asymmetric style, this makes the face look more attractive and hides those funny bits.

I hope you are well and enjoying the summer!!

Until next time Happy Hatting