8 Winter Hats That You Can't Live Without & How To Wear Your Hats With Style

POSTED 04 November 2015

This season in our millinery we have been channeling some serious 70's vibes and bohemian flair for our latest collections. Faux fur in particular has been one of our favorites and of course, the relaxed trilby; both so wearable and effortless! 

Knowing how to wear your hat is handy knowledge these days as it is a must-have accessory for this season. The Trilby and a 70's round crown are all the rage but a cloche is also still in fashion.

Here are a few tips to get it right-

  • If you have a square jaw try to wear a hat that has a round crown to even out your features, a hat with a square crown might accentuate your jaw.
  • If you have a round face wear a hat that has more angles like a trilby and wear it in an asymmetric way, this breaks up your round features.
  • If you have short hair you would suit a cloche and long hair would suit a wide brimmed floppy style but you must try this out for yourself to make sure you are happy.
  • I have long hair and I like wearing a cloche but it would not look right if my hair was very curly or full.

I always wear my hats on an angle and tilted forward just over my eyebrows.

Esrella - Velour Felt floppy with a 70's Vibe - Katherine Elizabeth Millinery AW15/16

The key to wearing a hat lies in experimentation to make sure it looks right on you, feel confidant, wear your hat with pride and you will look like the most stylish woman in the room!

Emila - Velour Felt relaxed beret headpiece -Katherine Elizabeth Millinery AW15/16 

Ivana - luxurious Faux Fur Hat - Katherine Elizabeth Millinery AW15/16

Natalia - Wool felt floppy asymmetric style - Katherine Elizabeth Millinery AW15/16

Felicia - Sculptural Crin for the winter season - Katherine Elizabeth Millinery AW15/16

I hope you have enjoyed this new collection and tips

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