I've started blogging!

POSTED 27 May 2012

I’ve not really embraced social media. To date blogging, tweeting and Facebook have been an occasional activity but not something I’ve been particularly excited about. But I’m inspired by our new website. Isn’t it fantastic? Finally we have virtual space that enhances the beautiful and original hats I make for my customers here at Katherine Elizabeth Millinery.

One of the delights of my job as a Milliner is the conversation with customers and the many people I meet here in my studio in the creative heart of London. So my blog will be an opportunity to share with a wider audience a topic that never bores me, hats! From my creative influences to vintage sources, tips on how to wear hats, events on the social calendar where my hats will be featured, my new collections …. there really is so much to chat about so I look forward to you joining me on my weekly journey through the world of British hats and Katherine Elizabeth Millinery.

PS: Don’t you just love the wonderful picture, it’s a 1945 Royal Aristocrat made into a USB keyboard for a laptop! I found it the other day when looking at Etsy the craft website. To see more click here.