A gallop through hats at Royal Ascot 2012

POSTED 06 July 2012

Some people read recipe books to calm down after a day’s work, others chill in front of the TV but for me relaxation is looking at pictures of hats. A busman’s holiday? No not really for my millinery inspiration comes from a whole range of vintage and contemporary sources rather than looking at others work. But I do have a fascination with looking at hats and last night I sat down with my computer and searched for ‘Ascot 2012’.

What a selection of wonderful millinery I’ve chosen some to share with you.

I love this hat worn by Amanda Holden. There is something of the cloche style about the brim and the flowers, low down and beside the face, also echo the roaring 20’s but there is so much more going on. This is a contemporary hat and so stylish.

The Queen never fails to impress. There was a time when everybody shouted about her style but now it’s celebrated and quite right too.

I’ve blogged about my love of monochrome before. So chic and elegant and I love this flower and feather creation which lifts this little black dress to an almost Audrey Hepburn-esque outfit.

I had to search through so many novelty hats during my internet Ascot millinery journey. I recall my mother talking about Gertrude Shilling a lady who made Ascot her own in the 80’s and early 90’s. Her creations, made by her son David, were pure theatre and whilst Mrs Claridges hat, shown here, sort of works I also find it rather annoying as it shouts ‘look at me’. No don’t worry I’m not seriously angry, it’s fun after all and who can deny fashion should be fun.

Camilla gets it right in my books. Her look here is timeless classic but with oomph! Its an approach to occassion wear that can work so well for the mature woman and Camilla does it with exceptional style. I love this hat and also her promotion of Phillip Treacy’s work – a true artist and one I was lucky enough to work with earlier in my career.

This is a campaign image for Royal Ascot 2012 by fashion photographer Simon Proctor. The hat is by Stephen Jones and I love it. I’m less sure about that poor headless horse but I suppose it makes us focus on the exceptional millinery!

I nearly finished my quick gallop through the hats at Ascot 2012 with an image of Princess Beatrice. She has been wearing 50’s inspired hats recently and they look so lovely but it was Kelly Brook who won with this evocation of 30’s Hollywood glamour. And if you can’t wear such a full on hat at Ascot where can you wear it?

Have a wonderful weekend – damp yes, dampen the spirits, why no – we are made of sterner stuff here at Katherine Elizabeth Millinery!