A blogging holiday

POSTED 27 July 2012

I set my self the goal of a blog post a week but my last post was on the 7th and it’s now the 27th. I’ve missed a week, where did the time go? As one of my customers noted, I haven't been sitting in the studio twiddling my thumbs deciding what to write. It has been very busy and Ill post some of the hats I’ve been working on soon.

So let’s call it a blogging holiday. And as you can see my vintage 1930's suitcase is back in the studio alongside a couple of Edwardian leather hat boxes too (if only I could really travel like that, what a joy it would be....but I digress!). So now I’m back to the old routine and there will be a blog post once a week, I promise.

The image I snapped yesterday when I was dashing to a client meeting, doesn't Tower Bridge look wonderful with the Olympic emblem? The city feels quite different, it has its best suit on, every surface has been cleaned and I even heard a station announcement from Boris telling me how busy my usual route to work will be during the Olympics.

Right, another post soon, a hearty cheer for Olympic sportsmen and women and a day designing a new hat for a client!