Wear a Hat Day for Brain Tumour Research

POSTED 28 March 2013

Dearest Readers,

Today is the day! March 28th 2013 is Wear a Hat Day in support of Brain Tumour Research!
Brain Tumour Research aims to achieve the same level of research into brain tumours as other kinds of cancer receive in an effort to improve the chances of survival and make headway in the battle against cancer. There are over 120 forms of brain tumour so it is essential that more research is done to learn more about the tumours and how to treat them, and essentially, save lives.

To help raise their annual fundraising target, Brain Tumour Research have organised Wear a Hat Day, where schools, offices, and just about anyone willing to get involved wears a hat today, in return for a small donation to the research fund to show their support for Brain Tumour Research.

We at the Millinery House think this is a fantastic cause and strongly encourage you to get your hat on, donate what you can and support the amazing research that will help save lives and get us closer to finding a cure for cancer. It has affected so many lives, why not wear a hat to help prevent it affecting even more!

Check out their website and see what you can do to make Wear a Hat Day a success! We, of course, will be donning our hats in the studio!

That's all for now folks, happy thursday!