The Grand Unveiling of the Masks for The Animal Ball...

POSTED 13 June 2013

Good Afternoon Dearest Readers,

It is Thursday, which instantly rings alarm bells that it is Friday tomorrow and so much closer to that lie in at the weekend that we have been dreaming for since our alarm went off on Monday morning.

But the best thing about this week was The Animal Mask sneak preview on Monday where our mask was shown at Selfridges...

What does everyone think about our mask?


The Animal Ball was raising money for The Elephant Family which is protecting Asian elephants and their habitat. The four main areas that they focus on is: stopping elephants being killed on railways, preventing electrocution, helping to stop baby elephant smuggling and finally to support sustainable palm oil.

The Sneak Preview was to show some of the Designers Masks before The Animal Ball on the 9th of July... We at The Millinery House are working hard on our masks to make sure we are ready for the Ball.

There were a number of fabulous masks that were shown on Monday evening, where we had the most unbelievable evening and enjoyed speaking to all of the different designers.


One mask in particular that caught our eye was the Rhino Mask, designed by Stephen Jones, an incredible and fascinating milliner based in London.

RHINO -stephen jones

Below is a picture of our Asiatic Lion Mask with two stunning bird masks... The models who were showing the different masks were perfectly coordinated in their outfits:


Hope you are all as excited as we are about The Animal Ball .... See you there.