'Tips until Ascot’s here’ on which hat shape suits you the best

POSTED 16 June 2014

Dearest readers,

Here we are, we can’t contain our excitement anymore because tomorrow it’s Royal Ascot! Yes it is! And we are all ready for the most amazing event of summer!

For those of you who have tickets this year, here are some tips to remember on which hat shape suits you the best because, after all, Ascot is about who has the best hat!

Tip 1: if you want your face to look slimmer, then wear a hat with some height.

Tip 2: to shorten a long face, wear a flat crown or hats with width.

Tip 3: always wear your hat on a slant for a more flattering look.

Tip 4: if you have a square jaw, wear a round crown or feminine hat to soften the face.

Tip 5: if you have a round face, wear a square crown or less fussy hat.

Tip 6: if you have an oval face, suit large brims on a slant.

Tip 7: do not wear hats wider than your shoulders as this makes you look shorter.

Tip 8: if you have a triangular face, add width to your forehead by asymmetric brims and height.

We would be delighted if as many of you as possible who have come in for fittings could send us photos- would love to see our hats being worn!

We wish you a fabulous Ascot week!