Fortnum & Mason Hat Exhibition

POSTED 20 April 2015

Fortum & Mason Exhibition

We are very excited to announce that we will be exhibiting in Fortnum and Mason in May as well as at Craft Central for London Craft Week!

It is a real honour to participate at this event and Katherine will be holding a meet the maker opportunity on Friday afternoon at Fortnum's so we hope to see you their.

London Craft Week is a new annual event which showcases exceptional craftmanship through a journey-of-discovery program featuring hidden workshops, celebrated makers, which highly specialised skills alongside famous shops, galleries and luxury brands.

Founded on the ethos of making, London Craft Week aims to introduce the talent, people and techniques behind beautiful made things to a wider audience

“London has long had a Fashion Week and a Design Festival. From 2015, it will have the equivalent for the craft sector: London Craft Week, featuring the artistic flair, painstaking skills and raw talent of exceptional craftsmanship and, as a result, attracting an ever - increasing quality and volume of collectors and customers”

The Date for Craft week is the 6th May to the 10th

For further information you can follow this link: